AILA dictates, McCain regurgitates

Jan 29, 2008

By an amazing coincidence, John McCain makes the same argument immigration lawyers make in denying the bills he supports are amnesties. You can see for yourself by reading a copy of the talking points, essentially one falsehood repeated in various forms, circulated on Capitol Hill by the American Immigration Lawyers Assn (AILA). No one is surprised that AILA traffics in deceit. One would expect deceit from an organization of immigration lawyers. This is a group of people, after all, whose stock in trade is the desirability of the United States as a place to live. They enrich themselves selling off a desirability they had no hand in creating, degrading that desirability in the process, while using their profits to pervert the legislative process in Washington so that US immigration policy enriches them even more.

Every year, each AILA lawyer sends back to Washington a portion of the profit he's made selling off your kids' birthright. His profit is put to use lobbying, year after year, to influence immigration policy so that it is increasingly lucrative for him and his ever-growing pack of colleagues. As the immigration lawyers' influence increases, yours decreases.

Even the name, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, is deceptive. A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association needn't be an American immigration lawyer at all. He could be a Chinese immigration lawyer, for example.

How does it feel knowing that a growing army of immigration lawyers in Beijing has more influence over US immigration policy than you do and are getting rich by facilitating an irreversible flood of their countrymen into the United States—a flood most Americans oppose? How does it feel knowing that they can plow a portion of their profits back into Washington, DC and, through AILA, make it extremely difficult for us to regain control of our immigration policy?

It angers me, and I suspect it angers you as well.

That's why it's important for you to know that John McCain carries the water for AILA on the Republican side in the US Senate. AILA writes the legislation he introduces, for crying-out-loud, and AILA lays out for him in bullet points the lies he'll tell the American people.